02489: Back to Monday

So the long weekend is over. The rest of the family flew home this morning and then the rest of us headed to work. We monitored the progress of their flight remotely and through social but also had to get through the work of the day.

But being at the office also means spending more times with the cats who call the office home and periodically demand attention by lying down on your keyboard or meowing incessantly.

And then we had a rather lovely dinner to celebrate a key milestone even if this was a take-out dinner just eaten at home. And there's nothing wrong with that - eating at home is fun and we're a family of introverts who enjoy avoiding the crowd. We're a family that often travels to stay in at another place.

And as midnight draws near we're still working on slides for a short client talk tomorrow since we also happen to work together. We've swapped the office cats for the house dogs and the occasional rabbit trying to chew on a food bowl or something.