02488: Singapore Transportation Efficiency

Whether in terms of public transportation options or just general traffic efficiency, Singapore is a pretty great place. It boggles the mind how we survive in Metro Manila with how terrible the traffic situation is. Just today we zipped to and fro across the city pretty easily with Ubers being barely delayed in picking you up and not much traffic in-between. A similar itinerary back in Metro Manila would either need to take double or triple the amount of time or would require limiting one's goals to work with the time that is left outside of traffic.

I'm definitely one of those tourists who enjoys exploring local transportation systems and Singpore's setup ust seems to keep getting better and better over the years. Despite what I'm sure is a steadily rising population, they've managed to keep pace with things with the construction of new MRT lines or additional stations for existing ones. The system as a whole has continued to grow with the population demands whereas Manila seems to be slowly drowning in its own sea of vehicles.

It's just so sadly amazing how  much we manage to get done here versus back at home. In Manila it feels like a small miracle that can even just balance getting enough sleep together with getting to and from work with little time for relief in-between.

But this is just more idle musings. Me talking about how much better transportation in Singapore is better than in Manila will do nothing to make things any better back home. It's going to take a heck of a lot more work to achieve any significant amount of improvement within our lifetimes.