02481: Good Times

The big Birthday Weekend continues!

Last night's 7th Sea session was rather epic as it ended with us getting critical information for the larger plot. As this game is being played in a shared universe with Tobie's office gaming group, this information becomes even more valuable should our characters get a chance to meet. But we'll see.

And the generous order of Sbarro pizza and zitti together with an awesome birthday cake made for a even more special birthday gaming celebration.

Our original plan was to go to O Bar on Sunday night for my birthday salubong, but the repeat of the special birthday concert of one of the O Divas was worth going out for and a part of the larger celebrations of the weekend.

We didn't drag any other friends over and for the most part it was just me and Tobie at the table. Not that there was any shortage of friends who were at the bar on their own along so that's perfectly fine. We shared a fair number of drinks, sang along to a few songs and celebrated the awesomeness that is the artistry of the drag queens of O Bar, the O Divas. They never cease to make me smile and I am so happy to see how they continue to get better and better and better as the years go by.

After get through our lazy Burger King Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner we'll be off to Solaire to catch West Side Story then it's more craziness at O Bar. Last night was largely just for me and Tobie. Tonight is the celebration for whichever friends who haven't gone out of town and show up at the bar tonight.