0247F: Action Stations, Action Stations

I really want to re-watch Battlestar Galactica for some reason. Of course one can point to my recent YouTube history to help explain that with channels like Spacedock dedicated to breaking down various battles of some notoriety from various science fiction movies.

The usual tactic is to determine if there's a streaming solution for the show whether via Netflix or iflix and unfortunately it's not one of those shows that they have on file. We tried to get our Blu-Ray copy to work on our PS3 but no dice tonight and I'm not quite sure why. I hope it's something silly like region-locking and not bad copies of the show or the PS3 starting to die or something. Fingers crossed.

As much as I'm enjoying Star Trek on Netflix, I think I'm looking for more distinctly military-themed science fiction right now. And BSG would be the perfect fit with unique style of drama, intrigue and odd semi-mystical prophecy.

No other plans for this rainy night. For now we're watching Starship Troopers on iflix then we'll see where things take us.