0247D: Birthday Sorta Plans

*Commercial Break* My birthday is just around the corner so I continue to totally spam the internet with my Kindle Wish List, because we geeks have to support one another. Thanks in advance and all that.

As is the conundrum with birthdays in recent years, part of me doesn't want to bother with people while part of me wants to have at least one sort of celebration with friends. My birthday is actually a holiday this year by some weird confluence of events and government holiday declarations. It's not a holiday at work though since we follow Singapore holidays, but I'll actually file leave this year.

We have one game scheduled for the weekend and then we're watching West Side Story on Sunday. We're also planning on crossing midnight for my birthday at O Bar and we'll which friends will show up. I posted a sort of open invite already but I don't really expect folks to show up if only to keep my expectations low along with my chances of disappointment.

Beyond that we don't have more specific plans but there's still time to figure things out. We've kept our Friday night free in case we decide to do anything else but given what home bodies we are it's more likely we'll just stay home and watch TV or whatever.

Any ideas or suggestions?