02479: New Grab Adventures

Despite my efforts to walk because of the Uber suspension, some work stuff still require me to travel. Case in point, I had a meeting outside of BGC this afternoon and needed to find a way to get there. I've been avoiding joining the competition for rides with Grab, the other large ride-sharing service that's still active in Metro Manila.

I've also been experimenting with Shopback this week, as the service offers rebates for many popular online services that we already use like honestbee, foodpanda and Lazada. While the rebates for the online merchants are in the 5% range, there's a surprising rebate offer for Grab - but it's a flat P5 off per ride. It's just a little tricky since you can only get the rebate when you launch the Shopback app first and use that to launch Grab, which adds a code to your driver notes or something. In other words, it's easy to forget to do this for P5.

So today it wasn't too difficult to get a GrabCar to meeting and I even got to trigger the rebate. On the way back from the meeting it was really difficult and I cycled through almost every Grab product apart from their 6-seater vehicle option. In the end I ended up with a GrabTaxi but didn't realize that I'd still be able to use my GrabPay credits to pay for the ride. As it has been a while since I had last ridden a cab, I was glad the experience was pleasant and the driver actually used Waze to navigate. Given the rain and how difficult it had been to get a ride, I happily tipped the driver for the ride since he didn't ask me for extra cash up front.

The rains tonight were a bit of a surprise so I ended up asking Tobie to pick me up on his way home from work. Ironically the rain stopped by the time he got to BGC but it's always nice to ride together. The weather has complicated our game plans so we're going to have to start later but it should still be a good start to the weekend.