02478: A Busy But Still Happy Day

So this morning I woke up to the news that Tobie's A Single Moment was Runner Up for Best Rules in this year's IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Awards. Given all the different nominees and the voting rounds things went through, getting that close was quite the achievement. And Tobie was the only Philippine creator in the nominee roster. It was even a bit of an honor to lose to a game like Masks, which is another great system that has a fair amount of popularity.

Today I also received my order of the Miniso We Bare Bear plushies from Japan. A helpful Facebook seller had opted to bring them into the country and after a month of eager waiting they're finally here! This has inspired quite a number of different photos on my Instagram today plus we dug out some of our pigs to join their new plushie companions.

Work was freakishly busy though and there were a fair number of fires to put out. A lot of emails back and forth and other client communications but at the end of the day we seem to have a plan at least. And I got to shut down a weird vendor trying to get us to sign up for other Microsoft stuff. Silly third party vendors.

So we capped off the evening with a little celebration at Genki Sushi. It took us a while to decide to eat there after exploring the different food options at SM Aura, but we figured the cart delivery sushi would make for more fun. So we ordered up a storm of nigiri and drowned ourselves in green tea. To to cap it all off, we had some Baskin Robbins ice cream. Good times.

Congrats again Tobie! The We Bare Bears celebrate your geeky achievement!