02477: New Walking Pains

Day Two of the month-long Uber suspension and my walks to and from work are proving to be more physically taxing than I'd like. It's weird since I was already walking home daily without as much difficulty but now I feel the pain during the walk home.

Going to work isn't any easier. I now realize certain parts of my route that are downhill going home but uphill the other way. The morning sun is unrelenting and BGC does not have a lot of covered paths in our area. So I get to the office rather drenched and have thus made sure to always bring an extra shirt and a small towel with me.

But going home is a different story. Mid-way my lower back begins to hurt - I suspect it's related to how I must be unconsciously balancing the weight of my laptop bag draped to my right. The main pain spot is my lower left back area so it seems to make sense. I tried re-slinging my back to my left side to see if that would help and it seemed to reduce the pain for the rest of my route home. It didn't used to feel that way when I was only walking to work so I guess the addition of the morning walk is adding some sort of repetitive stress to the area.

Apart from the obvious challenge to lose weight, I figure I may want to consider a backpack instead of my laptop bag. The current load may be a bit too much to have bouncing on one side and perhaps could be better handled when more evenly distributed via a backpack or similar conveyance. Or I need to lighten the load of my work back, which is a fair number of gadgets plus my packed lunch and recently my extra clothes. Fun times.

With luck I'll be able to keep this up even after Uber gets reactivated. And hopefully I won't feel as beat up after these walks by that time.