02475: A Little Transformers Love

I spent some time unboxing Transformers over the weekend in-between our many RPG sessions scheduled across those three days. There's a bit of a rhythm one falls into when you transform several figures one after the other. I've playing with Transformers for the better part of 30 years now and I already have a good feel for how certain Transformers work the moment I get my hands on them. But part of my little ritual of holding a new Transformer for the first time is following the instructions step by step each and every time. And I like getting lost in this little ritual, even when the instructions are hard to understand or the diagrams no longer matching the final product.

I only really collect the Masterpiece and Generations toy lines as they're the collector-oriented lines that continue to milk Transformers G1 nostalgia and love for the older cartoons. The current Generations sub-line, Titans Return, is an odd celebration of the old Headmasters gimmick that is converting a lot of G1 characters into Headmaster style versions with transforming Titan Masters for heads. It was always a silly gimmick and now having non-Headmasters characters now losing their heads is still a lot of fun. I am enjoying the results even though they're a little funny at times and that's what the nostalgia aspect of this hobby is all about.

I still have a good number of figures to unbox and that's going to take up more time. But it's definitely going to be fun.