02474: Another Adventure in the TARDIS

So we just finished a one-shot off the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game (formerly Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space) and it was a fun romp. I keep forgetting what a fun RPG system this is and how well it has captured all the tropes of the show. It may not be able to tell all sorts of stories independently but it does tell Doctor Who stories very well.

This was also a chance to explore the many sourcebooks I had purchased through an overly generous Humble Bundle. Each Doctor has his own sourcebook and each book goes over the details of the specific Doctor's quirks, his Companions, and most importantly his adventures. And the books go into detail on how to break each episode can be broken down into the system and tips on how to run the episode as a game session. They're an amazing resource for fans of the show wanting to celebrate particular episodes or characters in a game, which is sort of what happened today.

The Doctor Who system is also one of the few RPGs that I actually feel confident about running adventures for a gamemaster / storyteller. I've only run a few scenarios thus far and it still scares the heck out of me. But playing the game today reminds me that I should try stepping up to the plate of running the game again should the opportunity arise. Plus it's a geekily distinct way to celebrate the Doctor Who fandom with fellow Whovians.  Definitely something to consider in the future.