02472: Not Woke, Just Loud

I have never claimed to be "woke" on Twitter, although apparently it's a *thing* that people are proud of. It's a grammatically incorrect way to stake some sort of claim on being more in tune with current events or being somehow smarter than others.  It's a terrible term and I avoid it like the plague, especially since a lot of self-proclaimed "woke" people engage in regular flame wars against less-informed people online or those whose posted opinions are "clearly" in the wrong for this or that reason.

And yet every now and then I post something online that gets retweeted a ridiculous number of times. Case in point, I posted the above screenshot of a minor gaffe on the government's Philippine News Agency website and it has been retweeted at least 75 times as of the time of this blog post. Last month a passing comment I made about the whole Uber/Grab LTFRB issue got retweeted 54 times. During the month prior it was a screencap of a somewhat shady remark by the GMA News Twitter account that got retweeted 91 times. People do love "receipts" on Twitter after all.

For my modest little account with no aims of becoming Twitter famous, I occasionally end up with tweets that get a fair amount of attention. It does make me a little nervous and I'm always on the alert for trolls to try and take a stab at engaging with me or something. But thankfully it hasn't happened yet, as far as I know.

The internet is a funny place.