02470: Not In Sync

Today is Singapore's National Day, which is a work holiday for the office. While it's nice to get a day off, a holiday in the middle of the week isn't all that "useful" for bigger plans. This is particularly true when the rest of Metro Manila is busy with work so traffic levels are at their usual terrible place and all that fun stuff.

And so instead of big out of towns plans or anything like that, I just stayed home today. The night before a holiday would have been a great O Bar night, but the bar isn't open on Mondays and Tuesdays and so we also stayed home last night. We could have gone out to watch a movie after Tobie was done with his work for the day, but instead we just stayed home and watched stuff on TV.

Good times.

Thankfully we're not the sort of people who actually feel the need to travel to distant places in order to rest and relax. We're perfectly happy at home in the comfort of the Sietch. It would be nice if other friends would come over to visit and play board games or RPGs with us, but we're still okay on our own.