0246F: Kimchi Soup Night

So one of the quirkier recipes that I brought home from Singapore is my sister's kimchi soup. The authenticity of said soup being Korean somehow is suspect, but the inspiration is clear  enough. And perhaps the name of the dish is more a description of its preparation than a proper name, but such is the continuing legacy of family recipes. I know Mexican Relish isn't an authentic Mexican dish, but it's still pretty good all the same.

It's definitely a healthier option for meals as it's most vegetables. Meat is strictly optional and I try to stick to either fish or chicken breasts with the help of various mushrooms and tofu as alternate protein sources. But you can go strictly vegetarian if that's your preference.

It makes for an easy meal to make and a yummy one at that. We also don't bother with rice as I tend to overload it with vegetables anyway. And Tobie seems to like it, so I'm on the right track there.