0246E: I Cooked Today

Between feeling sick last week and our busy weekend, I had not cooked anything since my return from Singapore. We had ordered out for most meals with Tobie having cooked a meal or two in-between and that was it. I was feeling a little guilty about this and wanted to prepare something last night but fatigue won out and the stove was left cold.

Today I was determined to make up for things by cooking a favorite dish - Mexican Relish! I know Tobie loves it and never says no to it so it's always motivating to cook. The only real challenge is not eating too much of it or it sort of defeats the purpose of setting side bowls for meal prep.

The GoChef goes a long way towards making it easier to cook. As long as the recipe ends with everything in a pot, it becomes easy to use the GoChef to optimize things. I've gotten better at managing the temperature to avoid burning the food but occasional stirring is still important.

We have a few meals  for the week but I plan on cooking again tomorrow. Gotta keep up the momentum and supply meals well into the weekend for a change. The habit tends to break then because of game schedules and such and that's a bit of a shame. Plus I still enjoy cooking when I'm not too tired, so I can't really complain.