0246C: Turning Japanese

Keizo Chirashi Don

When people what my favorite food/cuisine is, I think my safest answer tends to be Japanese food. Starting with the different types of sushi whether fresh sashimi, delightful nigiri or creative maki, there's a lot to be enjoyed there. And then you spread out to lightly fried tempura or the rich ramen varieties. There's so much to love about Japanese food.

In the area there are two main Japanese restaurants we patronize. Near Burgos Circle there's Keizo, which has a wonderful chirashi don bowl that is generous with seafood variety but not quite as fun in the rice department in recent months. Before they were super generous and now it feels like they're trying to manage their costs a bit more aggressively. Then there's Fukudaya at the Arya Tower, which is a heck of a lot pricier but but still fun for indulgent date nights.

Oh then there's Genki Sushi, which is more amusing than a stellar dining experience. But there's something about those silly track cars that make ordering more fun than it should be.

Beyond BGC there's always going to be Nemoto, which is all the way in Pasay. That place still offers stellar value with its bento meals but parking remains scary and the surrounding area more so. Such is life.