02462: Sicker Day

So something that I ate last night has totally disagreed with me and I woke up to a most unpleasant feeling. I've been doing my best to cope with things throughout the day, but of course my condition didn't exactly help me with my work. But I still managed to get things done, so that's something.

Typically I'd look for a Loperamide like Imodium or Diatabs but instead the recommended solution was a Chinese herbal remedy known as Po Chai Pills. They're sold in tiny vials of little brown balls that somewhat resemble buckshot or tiny ball bearings. They don't exactly taste pleasant so it's best to down them quickly.

It's hard to say how effective they were as I've needed to make regular trips to the bathroom throughout the day. Naturally I feel a little weary but I'm not entirely useless just yet, and thus I was able to continue on with work. But I think I've started to stabilize tonight so that's a good sign. I just hope that I'll be fully healed by tomorrow.

I should probably get some sleep soon, but naturally I still want to game. So we'll see how that goes.