02466: Diablo Black Hole

I'm not going to lie - I've spent most of today playing Diablo III. As in I stayed up late playing the game and woke up surprisingly early and immediately went back to playing some more. The Grandes came online and joined me but then lost power (I assume due to the weather in Manila) but eventually joined me again via generator power. I've finally gotten my Necromancer past the Level 70 mark I'm finally working on my Paragon levels, and I have a few Legendary items locked into my Cube.

As much as I've been content with the campaign game for some time, the multiplayer experience is proving to be a heck of a lot of fun and a lot more rewarding. I don't think I want to go off the deep end like a lot of pro-players and see things only in terms of numbers and optimum builds. Especially given I'm playing with family, there's a strong push to keep things casual and thus a lot more fun.

Admittedly I am still taking some inspiration from the popular builds discussed online, but since I don't have all the items then I just need to make do with what I have. The end results are still a lot of fun and I can see this the game still going into fun places. The addition of the passive cube abilities is a major game-changer that has me excited to try different combinations, provided that I first find the unique items that I need. I foresee a lot of bounties and grinding across stages before I have everything that I need.

I don't think I'll get to play this much when I'm back home since we have other things on our social calendar like game nights and watching stage plays. But it still makes for quite the fun distraction that has me rather nostalgic for my Diablo I runs with my siblings back in my high school years.