02465: Twitter Connections

Today I met up with a Twitter friend with whom I've been engaging online for a few years now. I've known that he lives in Singapore but for one reason or another our schedules wouldn't line up and we wouldn't be able to meet. But given the length of this particular trip, a meet-up was totally possible.

So what happens when two Twitter friends meet? Well, apparently we still had a heck of a lot to talk about including the drama of Twitter kids and the situation in Manila. But it was a nice easy-going conversation that just kept going on and on and it seemed that we wouldn't run out of topics to discuss.

We also ate a LOT. As in we started at hawker's center and then moved to an ice cream place and it was quite a full afternoon. And then we had to go on our way to possibly eat some more. Singapore is all about eating sometimes.

Then I went home and played even more Diablo 3. Life is good.