02463: Better Thursday

Well, I feel a lot better today. That's definitely a step in the right direction for things. I have some plans for the weekend and I certainly don't want to be too sick to leave the house or whatever. Whether the stomach naturally ran its course or the Po Chai Pills really helped me get better quicker is hard to say, but I can't really argue at this point. I'm just glad I'm not spending too much quality time in the bathroom anymore.

I still have a week in Singapore before it's time to finally go home and things remain productive. I  do miss Tobie and the Sietch, our games and our O Bar nights. But I'll be back soon enough.

Watching a lot of Shark Tank because of my sister and her husband. I'm not sure if I'd ever become super fan of the show, but I can respect its appeal. And once you've gone into business for yourself, I suppose you can better appreciate what all these people are going to pitching their ideas to the "sharks" in the hopes of getting funding to grow their business. Very interesting stuff.