0245E: Slower Saturday

So after last night's team videoke session and my excursion to Tantric Bar to check out the local queer scene. By Manila standards the night ended early a around 03:00pm given most bars in Singapore close around this time but it was still a fun night.

Today we watched Valerian and it was pretty okay but not quite a home run. There are fun things and bad things and weird things, but that's all par for the course for Luc Besson I suppose. It still make for a decent movie spectacle. Then I just swung by Paradigm Infinitum to pick up our order of games and then passed for some char siu paos and dry ramen on the way home.

I've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation since then while cooling off. I doubt I'll be stepping out later tonight unless some invite to out comes along. But as this is Singapore and given the limited night life scene, I doubt that'll happen beyond another trip to Tantric if ever.