0245C: Busy Busy Thursday

I was not expecting to have Filipino food for dinner, but then one thing led to another and we ended up at the Singapore branch of Gerry's Grill. Can't complain - the food was good and it's not like Tobie and I eat at Gerry's Grill while back in Manila. And the restaurant was certainly a nice taste of home amid all the busy craziness of the week.

Work involved a lot of meetings, reports,and an errand or two on the side. But things do seem to be going well and glad that we were able to bring the team together in one place. Things are going pretty swell and I'm happy everyone seems to be having a good time.

My day ended with, of all things, a puzzle set on a magnetic frame! The Google Partners incentive program is very Western in orientation so there's a lot of ra-ra-ra type activities to hopefully motivate folks to increase new AdWords revenue  or something. And so we've received a variety of funky items including a frisbee, a board game and now this puzzle. At least they really try to make you feel like a partner!