0245B: Early Geek Fix

So one thing led to another and I ended up back at Games @ PI. I told myself I'd go on Saturday for their PIe Day event, but since I wasn't quite satisfied with looking at Monarch Affinity over at Orchard Gateway, a trip to good old Paradigm Infinitum.

There are three main places I try to visit when in Singapore. Of course there's Books Kinokuniya where I always end up buying stuff even though I tell myself that I'm not looking for anything in particular. I used to visit China Square Central in Chinatown for possible Transformers finds, but I no longer do so as much given my Hong Kong based dealer. And then there's Paradigm Infinitum, which is now Games @ PI.

We still get most of our tabletop games in Manila thanks to shops like Abubot and Gaming Library. But every now and then there's the odd gem that pops up or a copy of a game that isn't in stock yet in Manila but already available here. Decisions decisions.

What does make me sad is that we're really in a period when D10 sets aren't quite worth stocking. Typically you can only find D6 sets and D20 sets, which are useful but still not quite the same thing. There are also loose dice that we could sort through but again not the same. I guess we were luck to get the D10 sets that we did manage to find over the years.

So today I mostly did window shopping and initial scouting and I'll come back on Saturday to actually purchase stuff. Oh funny geek cycle.