02454: Singapore on the Horizon

As we are at the proverbial "hump day", we're officially closer to next week than last and that means we're closer to another work-related Singapore trip. Some could argue that there's a degree of irony that it has barely been a month since Tobie's month-long US trip and here I am about to fly off. But that's just part of the challenges of our life. I'm just glad that it's travel within the same time zone - that makes keeping the channels of communication clear a lot easier than when Tobie was in the US.

But now my thoughts are starting to shift to all the usual travel jitters like what to pack, what we're going to tell Immigration when questioned, and what side adventures we might have outside of the work stuff. Should I try to meet up with friends? Do I even have time for that? Or will I be too tired/lazy to leave the house to anywhere else.

And this is my first trip since Charlie, one of my sister's dogs, passed away. I loved that big lug, but then I love all of her dogs. At least a year has passed since Yoshi died, so that helps to avoid compounding emotional concerns one on top of another. But it's still something to think about to some degree - dogs make me both happy and sad all at the same time these days.

This also means that I need to make sure everything here at the Sietch is attended to, namely bills and water orders and all that fun stuff. you can imagine me creating a good number of sector-specific to-do lists in my head as I make sure everything is ready for next week. Fingers and toes crossed.