02452: Monday Funday One Day

From a crazy fun weekend to a crazy busy Monday - life really does have a way of balancing things out. So now I'm trying to get all my blogging done so I can go back to work on something originally needed tomorrow but thankfully has been delayed a bit longer. But I'll sleep better should I get more done.

Famous last words as I am also feeling a little weary today. I guess we haven't fully recovered from our weekend shenanigans and that's dragging me down a bit today. But I press on and get the job done one way or another.

The work week has already begun and I'm also behind on our meal prep. Today we didn't have anything to bring to work for lunch and I felt rather bad about that. So on top of everything else that I'm trying to juggle tonight, I'm hoping to get some cooking done as well. It'll take a bit of work but I think I can manage something.

But our busyness and our level off fatigue did sort of justify my decision to just order out for dinner. We ended up with somewhat healthier burritos from Faburrito, which weren't terribly but not quite as tasty as I had hoped.

Well back to more productive ventures. This will do for today's update.