0244E: End of Week Lethargy

So Tobie has a work thing tonight and so I ended up passing by Mercato to grab dinner on my way home. It would have been more prudent to actually cook something for dinner and set aside the rest for tomorrow's meal prep lunch, but laziness kicked in and so I bought food park food -  which means overpriced food served in take-away containers.

There's one more pasta pack in the fridge and some week-old pizza, so worst comes to worst, I could manage our lunch without cooking anything tonight. And it's very, very tempting as my brain feels all tired after work given it's reports week and end-of-month stuff is never fun.

But I really should just cook and get it over with. Or maybe I can prepare something quick that can accompany the single serving of pasta left so I can split than in two and then Tobie and I will both having something. Or I go full  lazy and we just buy food to eat tomorrow, which is the worst possible outcome.

And instead of cooking I'm rambling about this in a blog post in the hopes that my brain pulls itself together as I write this and comes up with a plan.

Is it working?