0244B: Contemplating Yoga

I recently reconnected with an old school friend and was surprised to find how seriously he (and his parrot) have gotten into yoga. Meanwhile in Cebu, a friend has also been practicing Yoga for some time now and he's made tremendous progress since he's started. So yeah, they're proving to be quite the inspiration for getting into Yoga for fitness reasons.

At first I was worried that options in the area would be limited but a bit of Google searching has revealed a good number of yoga studios in the area with a good number of things up and down 28th Street for some reason.

One that stands out so far is Urban Ashram Yoga given they have some interesting beginner classes that go beyond just classes labeled as "beginner" or "fundamentals". And the rates seem fairly competitive as they offer packages and not strictly per-class rates. But I still need to do more due diligence research.

Our biggest challenge is balancing our schedules to accommodate classes as most start at 07:00pm right when my work day ends and it's even more of a complication for Tobie to get over to Makati in time as well. But if we find a good option then we'll do what we can to make things work I suppose.

But this still feels like a good idea. I doubt I'll be quite as versatile and flexible as the aforementioned friends but any level of physical activity should be of some benefit.