02447: S8 Assimilation

My first S8 photos were kinda snoozy.
So I'm reconnected again! My new Globe SIM kicked in sometime after midnight, so I once again have a working phone in all senses of the word. My social media self is very relieved to be fully connected again and empowered to share useless updates about my life from pretty much anywhere. Oh these crazy times that we live in.

Today's initial observations:

  • Getting an impact case for the phone before even getting the phone was a good idea. The slippery surface makes me way too nervous so I'm glad to have a better grip with the case.
  • Despite being narrower than my Nexus 6P, I'm still finding it a little awkward to get my fingers to where they need to be. Maybe it's a learning thing.
  • The fingerprint scanner really is in a ridiculous place.
  • The multiple volume toggles are a little crazy to manage. How do Notification sounds differ from System sounds? Why are Alarm sounds handled on a per-alarm basis?
  • I didn't even bother with Bixby and instead looked for a third-party app that remaps the Bixby button to Google Now.
  • There's something about Samsung's icon set that annoys me. But not enough to sign up for their Themes and Icons store.
  • I have largely been using the same Star Trek sounds across  three different phones now. I like what I like, so can you blame me?
  • It's nice to have Kylie Minogue's WOW as my ringtone again. The opening of that song is wonderfully iconic and always gives me good vibes.
  • I should probably try to explore Samsung's actual feature for this phone (like all the bells and whistles in the camera app), but so far I've mostly been trying to replicate my Nexus 6P experience.
  • That screenshot swipe is ridiculous. But okay it works.
  • Still undecided about that Edge menu. In theory it seems useful but it takes some muscle memory to get used to using it.
  • Still, it's a pretty phone and the display is quite gorgeous even when not amped up all the way to eleven.