02445: Technological Handicap

Off-color photo taken with my old HTC One's selfie camera mode.
So my Nexus 6P is like a terminal patient on his last days this week. It barely lasts an hour with any sort of usage and now the charging point is being all finicky. So I can only seem to get it to charge by keeping the wires at a specific angle with some degree of pressure, which is only bound to make things a little worse for the phone's long-term operational capabilities. To add insult to injury, the cable that is proving to be most stable as a power source is the less efficient USB-to-Type-C cable that can barely charge the device given its increasingly ridiculous power consumption.

My new phone doesn't arrive until Thursday, so I'll just have to grin and bear it for now. In the meantime I'm re-enabling certain apps on my older HTC One, which I have been using as my "Singapore phone" for purposes of communicating with clients. The two phones require different SIM card sizes so it's not simple to just transfer my current SIM to the older phone. So for now it's a Wi-Fi only phone with a Singapore SIM inside but at least with my Uber and Grab accounts logged in so that I can get around provided a decent Wi-Fi signal.

That last bit of fun for the day (also gadget-related) is that my order of some bluetooth headphones arrived from Lazada today. The courier arrived at the worst possible time since I was still in the shower getting ready for work. And when I did finally get to test the devices (it was a buy one, take one deal), both of them refused to switch into pairing mode and so I never got to use them. So I've made arrangements to return them to Lazada via LBC and I'm still down a pair of headphones.

I guess I should appreciate the very minor consolation that my phone is being so terrible and thus I can't really make full use of them for now.

And this whole ramble reeks of #FirstWorldProblems as it's not like I'm not going to get  replacement phone that will address my communication an data connectivity woes but for now these thing are all being very annoying and so what else can I do, right? Just have to hold on until Thursday. And maybe I can also get myself something nicer Bluetooth headphones as well - something with an actual brand this time around.