02441: Phone Woes

So I gave in and conceded that it was time for a new phone. I've been waiting 3 weeks for Huawei to stock a replacement battery for my ailing Nexus 6P in the hopes that replacing the battery will address its power problems. It's not a guaranteed solution so it's hard to gamble on, especially since my phone now barely survives the 20 minute walk home from work without dying on me. And all I'm doing during that walk is listening to an Audible audio book downloaded to the device! So yeah, the phone is become sadly unusable except as a mostly corded device almost constantly charging, and probably making my battery problem worse with over-charging.

I've had a Globe line for over 6 years now but it has been a line-only plan since I've largely opted for sourcing phones more directly in attempt to get more interesting phones not typically in market. I loved my HTC One until the camera turned purple due to a defect in the device that would damage the photocells through over-charging or heat or something. My Nexus 6P is actually a really great phone to use and one that I love save for this battery issue. In both cases they were largely great phones but without sufficient local support resources and so when things go wrong I don't have ways to get them repaired. So this has to stop.

So biting the bullet and finally getting a Samsung device as pretty much my entire family (across Manila and Singapore) are pretty much using Samsung phones. As much as I really wanted a Google Pixel phone and had a chance to get one while Tobie was in the US a few weeks ago, I didn't want to run into more servicing issues. I ordered the device over the phone and didn't have to submit additional financial documents given my credit history with Globe. I should get the phone on Thursday and until then I'll just hang on to this Nexus with a power source nearby as much as possible.

I'll still try to get the phone repaired and once that's settled I can either maintain it as a second media device or I hand it over to Tobie so he can upgrade to a better phone as well. But that depends on when Huawei gets its act together and gets the battery over here so we can get things fixed.