0243D: Listening to Other People's Stories

So it's already June and I still haven't cancelled my Audible subscription. To be fair, I had gamed the system after yet another free trial and agreed to stay on the platform with a reduced rate retention plan of $7.95 for 3 months. My next monthly renewal will be the last of my 3 months so we'll see how things go from there.

I am enjoying the experience, I have to admit. And I really do enjoy experiencing biographies more as audio books rather than as text. And so my Audible queue has been one biography after another including Carrie Fisher's books, Mara Wilson's story of growing up, Felicia Day's geeky memoir and now Anna Kendrick's retelling of how she got started as an actress at such a young age. There's a fair number of mentions of growing up weird or not being quite socially acceptable and I'm starting to see a pattern in the people whose lives have piqued my curiosity. Birds of a feather,and all that good stuff I suppose.

Now if only my phone could stay active long enough for me to actually enjoy my books uninterrupted. The battery issue gets just a little bit worth each day and the Huawei service center still doesn't have the replacement battery in stock. They said it would take a week but now it has been over 2 weeks and no progress yet.

I really don't want to get a new phone but perhaps I may have to sooner rather than later.