0243B: Back to Narrative Adventuring

We're in the middle of tonight's 7th Sea RPG session at a friend's place and it's nice to be adventuring. As much as this is a monthly game, Tobie's absence only stressed how all such gaming stopped. Now things are back in full swing and I'm once again playing the foppish, insulting hero that is Maurie LeBlanc. Fun times.

Last night at O Bar was also pretty fun although Tobie was still coping with the effects of jetlag. A few fiends joined us to watch the drag show for the evening, which was a lovely affair that celebrated some of the greatest LGBT anthems of past and present. The show was pretty awesome in a most fabulous manner but admittedly I was just glad to be there with Tobie. Pardon the excessive nuzzling at the bar, dear friends. Hahaha

Given this game ends by midnight, it would be nice to either figure out some late night board game plans after or maybe wake up early enough to get Tobie to finally watch Wonder Woman.  We'll see how things go.