02438: Tobie's Return

I woke up earlier than expected this morning given I had gone to sleep closer to 02:00am given my eagerness to wait up for Tobie. While his flight home was expected to hit NAIA by 04:30am, I logically knew that he wouldn't be able to rush home right away due to family obligations. So going to sleep was the smarter thing to do.

But I guess my excitement still won out as I woke up around 07:00am, eager for news of Tobie getting home.

Tobie actually arrived back at the Sietch around 09:00am and the initial energy high was devoted to unpacking all the cool, geeky things he had purchased for us and sharing last stories of his travels or my stories of what kept me busy while he was away. I had also ordered some McDonald's breakfast ahead of time since there are few things more Filipino than that funky longanisa meal and those sinfully delicious cheese eggdasals.

It was a happy reunion, to say the least.

Jetlag is a pain so Tobie has needed to take a nap or two throughout the day. He's still working on getting back into the correct sleeping schedule and so the naps are necessary. Plus I still had work to deal with, so it's just as well. It's more important that we get him adjusted and back on local time in time for the weekend at the very least. Then our late night gaming habits will certainly throw things out of whack again. Oh geeky life.