02436: T-Minus Thirty-Two Hours And Counting

There was a lot going on at work today and it probably didn't help that at times I felt like my mind was like a million miles away - or more like about 7,200+ miles, which is the approximate distance between Manila and Los Angeles. In about 17 hours, Tobie should be boarding the plane that will take him back home and I'm obviously excited about this.

He has been gone for a full three weeks as of today and it's going to be another day and some change before he completes his travels home and it has been a long stretch of time. For those of you who still read this blog for some reason or at least keep up with my social media updates, you should already know that this has been a bit of a struggle for me for one reason or another. It hasn't exactly been easy for Tobie either and we've done our best to leverage technology to keep in touch and not miss one another so much.

It's funny how in this connected world that we live in now, it still feels like there are so many ways to still miss someone and wish there were right there beside you. I was already feeling this during the first week and I felt significantly cranky about it in the second week and for the third week I was just feeling tired and weary about it.

So yeah, I'm super looking forward to Wednesday. Gotta keep focused on how little time there is left before he's home instead of thinking about how much longer before he gets here. It's the same amount of time and distance but perspective changes everything.