02431: Company Demographic Insights

For one reason or another, a lot of people decided to make babies in the months of September and October. I cite this since June and July are always heavy months for the office since birthday celebrations are pretty much back-to-back. I don't think there are any weeks in June without birthdays and July is pretty busy too.

The company is still of a moderate enough size that we still get to do crazy stuff on a per-birthday basis. The other day everyone at the office was making silly drawings that reminded us of the birthday celebrant. Today everyone wore garbage bags on their heads to simulate having a large afro like today's celebrant. And we're not even at the halfway mark for this month!

But you gotta love the crazy vibe for things like this. Sure, they don't seem like anything special right off the bat and there are certainly bigger and more ostentatious ways to celebrate someone's special day. But that wouldn't fit the company vibe and so that's not what we end up doing.

Each celebration activity is somehow tailored to the celebrant in whichever way we can manage. Or we just go crazy and sing songs, dance wildly and all that fun stuff. And then there has to be food - or at least dessert. It's the little touches that matter really and what make these little greetings fun escapes for all of us despite the work load that we all deal with. Fun times abound.