02430: Sinigang Sympathy

So I cooked a whole pot of sinigang for dinner tonight...and it'll probably become lunch and/or dinner over the next few days. All it takes is one big meal to address my eating needs for the week given Tobie is still in the US.

But the slightly rainy weather (as it barely rained here in BGC) felt like a decent justification for cooking a big pot of soup. I just wish Tobie was here to share the soup with me.

Tobie will be home in about a week so I really should shake off the mopey feelings and just look forward to his return.

Given how long he's been away, it goes without saying that both of us are quite eager to see one another again. It's all we ever talk about whether through IM or during the sporadic video calls that we manage to setup when we're both awake at our respective locations.

I have to get to bed a little earlier today.  I have an early meeting tomorrow not quite at the office, so boo that. I only regret not having more time to read or talk to Tobie once he wakes up.