0242E: Time Well Spent

So last night's O Bar turned out to be more interesting than I had expected it to be despite the jam-packed crowd that comes with Saturday nights at the bar. Although I came alone, once there I met up with a whole host of friends who made the night a lot more fun even without Tobie.

Of course every time people saw me, they'd ask for Tobie and where he was and in sequence similar to the funeral scene in Crying Ladies, I found myself saying the same thing over and over.

  • He's still in the US.
  • He's still in California.
  • He's still in LA.
  • About two more weeks.
  • On June 14. 
  • Yeah he's not back yet.
But as much as one can think of most bar friends as being "just" bar friends, some will surprise you. Subsequent online conversations can go a long way along with shared interests and then you find that maybe you had undervalued certain friendships without realizing it. And when alcohol loosens tongues sufficiently to reveal more, then you learn a lot of new things and see things in a different light. Life is kinda crazy that way, but it's also what helps things be all the more brilliant.

It was a good night. And I'm curious to see where things will go next.