0242D: Wonder Saturday

Just got home from a special screening of the new Wonder Woman movie. It was a bit of a charity event hosted by Grrrl Gang Manila, a group that's trying to fight for various women's rights. The current focus is getting the RH Law fully implemented and lifting the ridiculous TRO on contraceptives. A friend had invited us to participate and I was glad to help out. Plus it means watching what is fast becoming one of the hottest movies of the year, so why not right?

And I am happy to share that I LOVED the movie. It was pretty awesome and the fight choreography (even the CGI-assisted fights) was some of the best I've seen. This may be one of the best DC superhero movies that we've seen since Nolan's Batman movies. So yeah, super good job with this one.

While O Bar was closer to the location of the screening, I figured it was still significantly too early to go so I opted to make the trek home in order to freshen up. Plus there's the very real need to recharge my phone and my power bank so that I main functional should I still head over to O Bar later. My on-going phone battery issues require that I carry back-up power options all the time I opt to leave the BGC area...or sometimes just the house.

Side Note: I had woken up too late for my previously scheduled water delivery order but managed to make alternate arrangements with the water folks. The super complex method for managing the delivery while I'm out of the house involves me leaving the money under the water container that I leave at our front door. Not the safest idea but it worked today and I'll be cool if this follows this pattern moving forward.