0243C: And the Gaming Continues

This weekend has been a nice mix of getting resuming two of our on-going RPG campaigns, these being for 7th Sea and DC Heroes, but we also got to try out some of our newer games that Tobie acquired during his trip like 6 nimmt, Red Flags and Legendary: Big Trouble in Little China to name a few. We still have a quite number of games to learn the rules for bt that's part of the overall fun of the gaming experience.

Things do feel like they're back to normal with Tobie more settled in and his jetlag beginning to pass with each passing day. Ironically. I'm starting to think ahead to the end of July when it'll be my turn to go on a trip and be away for a few weeks.  Hay, life does keep one busy.

I realize that over the year or so, all of our travels have been independent of one another. Tobie tends to have his family trips. I have my work trips. But we haven't been traveling together as much. As much as we're not the sort of people who like going to the beach or who can afford to be disconnected from the internet for too long because of work and such. But it would be nice to see more of the world. The big dream is a trip to Japan but then there's also the option to visit more reasonable places like Hong Kong or something.

For now we'll have all  the sort of fun that one can have at home or with close friends. And that means this or that board game and all the different cards, dice, and other game pieces that help facilitate the gaming experience to facilitate our fun.