0240B: Choose Happiness

Last night's 7th Sea RPG night was also partly a way to celebrate International Tabletop Day but also another celebration of Tobie's birthday with more of our friends. It was a great game night with a lot of high stakes RPG drama, delicious food and a really big cake as well. I am thankful for our hosts for the evening as this really helped make the many celebrations that were a part of Tobie turning 40 this year all the more special.

2017 has been quite the year of change for us ranging from who we invite to game nights and of course the big move to BGC. The greater focus has been investing more time in the people and activities that make us happy and moving away from those that have been dragging us down. There was just way too may drama last year that ultimately opened our eyes to see some people in a different light so all the more we're being careful with who we let into our lives again.

For the most part I think this "strategy" of sorts has been working out for the better. Our happiness levels are much better and we've had great times with good people and we've also met new people who have proven to hang out with as well. Our O Bar nights now focus on ourselves more and those closer friends who have stuck with us through the years as well. It's all about priorities.


  1. Mwah. Choosing happiness. And sharing it. I love you.


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