02409: Transformers Escape

Despite the ASEAN special non-working day, Tobie helped me get to MOA for a late lunch and a quick Transformers run while the traffic situation in the area wasn't too bananas. I could have waited for Monday but I was getting nervous and we figured that things would be worse over the weekend given most average shoppers heading out + ASEAN Summit.

Of course I ignored the movie tie-in toys and was only there to get my hands on new Titans Return figures that had come out. For our efforts we got a free keychain since I didn't want to split the bill into multiple transactions. I also have a raffle ticket for something - I didn't bother checking.

Then we finally tried out Ippudo ramen and was generally happy with the food but really more happy about Citibank cardholders getting 30% off menu items. Then we rushed back home so I could finish work.

Get you a man who will carry your Transformers while you double-check if you missed any figures despite some foreign guy smelling distinctly of turmeric - and in a very bad way at that. Such is love.