02407: Lazy Cooking

I've been in a bit of a weird funk in terms of my cooking efforts at home since my recent trip to Singapore. You know how it is - you get out of the habit for a week or so and then it gets harder to get back into the groove of things. It didn't help that MetroMart lost its contract with SM Supermarket mid-March so the added convenience factor of no longer needing to go out for grocery runs had disappeared well before my trip.

I've often joked that when I ave nothing else to cook, I end up making pasta. So I sort of repeated that mantra to myself tonight and prepared a quick oil-based pasta that ended up a little creamy because of the fact I added a dory fillet into the mix of things. It wasn't my best work but it was certainly yummy and I do feel good that I took the time to cook instead of resorting to ordering out for dinner.

But man this hot and humid weather is definitely hard to cook in. I was sweating buckets throughout my dinner preparations because of the combined heat of the GoChef and the environment. But sacrifices must be made!

I don't think this will be too much a problem. Cooking is an enjoyable activity, particularly because of the end result. And Tobie makes some great salads that tend to go well other meals I prepare. And while MetroMart still hasn't found a new delivery partner, at least honestbee has finally begun Metro Manila operations through Robinsons Supermarket. And that's still better than nothing.

And so I wrote this blog post to remind myself to just keep at it.