02404: Finer Gaming Birthdays

The on-going monthly gaming meets for the Finer Gaming Things Club, as we call it, remains to be one of highlights of our regular gaming calendars. It's quite the clever yet crazy crew that share a passion of serious gaming and some great food as well. Given the many birthdays in recent weeks, we made yesterday's game session also a birthday party of sorts with the addition of delicious desserts for a proper birthday.

In light of the many changes in our gaming calendar from last year, I'm really thankful for the love and support offered by the FGTC. They are a main fixture of our social calendar an a group that really knows how to have fun and make our time together feel special every time. Even with folks rotating in and out of the line-up, the core group manages to consistently drive a particular gaming experience that is something to celebrate every time.

And I'm glad that we got to do something special for Tobie's birthday even though it's not until Tuesday. Some folks had actual girls but the main gift was the game night itself. And time with good friends is a special gift indeed.