02400: Where the Desert's Immense and the Heat is Intense

Arrakis Desert by DaraRidel via DeviantArt
The summer heat has been pretty brutal as of late and I'm sort of missing the rainier weather that I had left behind in Singapore. Oddly enough it had rained pretty hard just as I was about to go home today, but it was the sort of shot-lived summer shower that was strong and intense yet only lasted long enough to add to everyone's traffic woes. Thankfully Tobie coordinated picking me up from work before the rain could catch me during my usual walk home.

I've been struggling to get through writing today's blog post (or anything else for that matter) since it's just so hard to think with the current weather conditions. The Sietch is comfortable enough but our electric fans can only do so much to cool us off. The worst thing about the heat is the fact that there isn't much air low as of late. Even the worst of temperatures could be a bit more manageable with a steady breeze to help keep the air flowing. But we're not even getting that.

We really ought to consider using the air conditioning units but then it still seems like a waste. We tend to limit their use to when we have guests over and so right now it doesn't feel quite so critical an electrical expense. Then again waking up has been rather unpleasant as of late given the heat combined with the morning sun in my face does make for sweatier mornings.

But this too will pass. It's just part of the life of living in the Philippines. After the summer will come the rains.