0239E: Travel Fatigue

When people say that they enjoy traveling, I can only admire their fortitude. As much as there's a lot experience and enjoy in different places, before you get there you have to deal with the actual process of traveling first. And that means a lot of queuing for this or that, trying to be chipper when facing immigration officials and dealing with people's weird behaviors while getting on or off the plane. It can all be really nutty at times and all of this does nothing to endear me to the whole process.

I'm still feeling pretty beat from the weekend, but I know that's partly because of the stress of the trip home but also because I'm not quit feeling well. It seems we shared a coughing bug over the course of last week and this has become the sort of souvenir that I wish I hadn't brought home with me.

No signs of fever yet but I am experiencing various aches and pains all over. My coughing is aggravating my asthma as always and I've had a few bad wheezing moments throughout the day at work. Hopefully things get better tomorrow with more rest and hydration.