0239C: Satisfying Saturday

We just finished a pretty hearty barbecue dinner as a nice way to wrap up this weekend. While I won't fly home until tomorrow afternoon and our folks fly out in the evening, today was really the last full day in Singapore for the family. A lot of tomorrow is going to get eaten up by the usual stress of travel and then the work cycle will begin all over again.

For now we're all happily full thanks to the diverse grilled dinner of pork chops, prawns, chicken, squid and tilapia. I'm so full right now.

Today just involves a little shopping around Orchard but not much else. We can be pretty simple in our goals while in country and I think the family is well past the tourist phase of our visits to Singapore. Most of us just look for rest on the weekends and the time together has been lovely.

I've already started packing my things and it certainly helps that I didn't exactly buy a lot of stuff this time around. We already get most board games that we want through Manila suppliers so there's less need to source stuff here. I also have other arrangements for getting rarer Transformers delivered to BGC directly so that's another thing I don't need here. So work and a change of scene is the bulk of our travel needs outside of family.

Good times.