0239B: A Good Singapore Friday

With pretty much the whole family in Singapore this week, our Good Friday was a different one. Given the crazily eventful week coupled with some of us getting sick and work keeping us busy, today was the first day that everyone was free to breathe and relax given the holiday.

Today we went all the way to Sentosa Island so Dad and Mico could try out the iFly indoor skydiving experience. Dad had been wanting to try it for some time and this was the first opportunity to check this item of the bucket list. Despite the weird weather including some pretty strong rain, But it was quite the fun activity and I was pretty much the documentation committee so there was some fun to be had all around.

Beyond that we capped off the night with a killer meal at Ah Hoi's Kitchen over at the Hotel Jen Tanglin. You wouldn't know that the restaurant is here given it's on the fourth floor by the pool but the food is excellent and worth the visit.

Tomorrow is most likely going to be a shopping day and I just hope to pass by Books Kinokuniya. It's pretty much a certainty between my mom, sister and brother but we'll see how things unfold.