02398: Busy Busy Trip

I had a decent's night sleep yesterday but it hasn't been quite enough to make up for my totally not sleeping between Sunday and Monday. Thus I still felt pretty weary for most of the day and relied on various sources of caffeine and sugar to keep me afloat. You just gotta do what you gotta do.

This trip has us all juggling work obligations and family time, so it's still the good sort of time you get from an accomplished and fulfilling day. And yet here I am still stubbornly awake as I hope to catch up on my blogging and get a bit more work done before turning in. #LivingTheDream

Initially I thought that I might have time to meet up with other friends but if things keep up I strongly suspect the week will just fly by and I'll have missed all chances of doing just that. It's not like there are a that many people I'd actually want to meet up with while here, but I am starting to feel a little guilty about not even meeting up with my very short list of people to see. Fingers and toes crossed for now.

I guess it's a good thing that only Good Friday is considered a holiday over here, so people should still be generally productive this week. I doubt it will be anything like the total shut down of the metropolis that happens every year back in Manila. But we'll see about Friday how things go.