02397: Hullo, Singapore

So I arrived at Singapore safely enough but had managed to over-budget time to deal with possible queues at NAIA Immigration and ended up running out of things to do while waiting. There's little to no point to arrive at the airport more than 3 hours before your flight when the check-in counters won't open earlier than the 3 hour window.

But I did get the try the expensive massages at the airport. For a massage that involves you keeping all your clothes on, it was still pretty good. But that's not the point of things.

I didn't get any sleep before the flight and spent the bulk of the trip dead asleep. I'm only glad that there was no one seated directly beside me in my section but I can only assume that my snoring easily crossed the aisle to other people. Travel is tough. But at least I slept well enough not to be bothered by the many children on the flight and yet not too deeply to miss landing.

Had a quick meal while catching up on the events of the day and then quickly moved to the office to get a bit more work done before wrapping up for the day.

Coffee may be magical but it can only go so far. Good night world.