02395: Regular O Bar Escapes

We don't go to O Bar as often as we used to, but at least we still get to go. Before Tobie used to go almost daily and I could maybe go every week but these days we go maybe once or twice a month. Life is just a lot busier now and real-life obligations tend to get in the way along with our very busy work schedule. The biggest challenge is when one of the divas mention that they have a birthday show coming up and we then have to figure out how to rework our schedules to somehow make things work.

We still have our usual friends at the bar that we mainly see mostly or maybe only at the bar. Our circle of friends has shifted over the years and we mostly go with geekier friends rather than strictly queer ones, but that's neither good nor bad - it is what it is.  It seems we can only maintain a certain number of O Bar capable friends at a time - as we meet new friends old ones seem to drop out of circulation or start focusing on other friends. Such is life.

But O Bar always feels like home no matter how long we stay away. And I'm always glad when we do have the time (and the constitution for alcohol) to go back. But we only have so much time to juggle and we're also getting older.