02394: The Other Pre-Flight Checks

I'm feeling that end of week drain, but that's to be expected. Things have been fairly busy at work after all so that's one factor. On the flip side I feel like I've been juggling a significant number of books at the same time, which always makes for trickier reading.

In truth I'm sure the pressure is coming more from my trip to Singapore next week that is mostly about work but also about family. And that means making sure both the Sietch and the Manila office are fine. I feel like I delayed our admin officer unnecessarily going over last-minute checklists for next week's items while I'm out but it's the way of things. And despite a full social card I'm also making sure to get as much laundry done before I pack my bags and head out.

And this is just for me being way for a week. I know I overdo stuff like this and I overthink all the possibilities that I try to account for but such is my life. Tobie keeps me sane and balanced for the most part but then there are certain things I still get a little nuts about.